Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: London


Honestly I was expecting that Mafia Wars Las Vegas would be the next to be tried out in Facebook Mafia Wars so it’s a surprise to see a new expansion in Mafia Wars London.

Dubbed as the Challenge Mission: London I think this expansion will be similar to the Mafia Wars Paris Expansion, as current mafia players will collect passports.

Mafia Wars London will start in less than a week, and to get into the London expansion, the mafia player need to grow their mafia family by adding more  mafia crew or spend some mafia reward points (18 rewards points to be exact)

I would like to share some Mafia War Tips:
While waiting for Mafia Wars London, Zynga is giving away free 12 Mafia Wars British Passports so grab some ever 24 hours. These British passports will be needed in completing tasks in Mafia Wars London.

Also do more jobs and tasks in Mafia wars as British Passports drop while completing jobs in all expansion (New York, Cuba, Bangkok and Moscow)

Add more mafia crews, as this will be helpful in completing tasks in London in the near future.

I will update this blog when I discovered new stuffs for Mafia Wars London. Hope you liked my mafia wars cheats and tips for the London expansion.

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