Michel Bastos of Lyon


Who is Michel Bastos? Is he the long lost brother of Boy Bastos? Forgive my ignorance. Maybe because of my culture and background but searching for available information in the net saves the day.

It all started when my friend Silvakreuz tweeted that Michel Bastos is trending in twitter, and I curiously seached for needed info.

It turns out that Michel Fernandes Bastos is a football player born in Pelotas, Brazil. He is a member of Brazil National Football Team and is playing for Olympique Lyonnais, the French Football Club more popularly known as Lyon.

Photo credits to Wikimedia Commons and Flickr

On why is he trending in twitter, sorry I don’t know because the tweets I’ve seen are either in Portuguese and French. Kindly drop me a note in the comment section if you know why (Please comment in English OK 🙂 ) But in the mean time, here are some Michel Bastos Lyon videos courtesy of Youtube.

To my Portuguese and French readers sake, I’d like to share who is this Boy Bastos in the Philippines scene. Bastos is a Filipino word that roughly translates to rude, impolite, not courteous, indecent, immodest, and shameless  (source: Urban Dictionary – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bastos).  So this Boy Bastos is an little boy who shares his  funny stories (mostly indecent and immoral jokes and is meant for the adult crowd) and was part of a barber tales and pop culture.

I therefore conclude that Michel Bastos is _NOT_ related to Boy Bastos. Michel Bastos is such a wonderful football player and Boy Bastos is… never mind 🙂