In Love and War Album


At last, Raven and I finally got our In Love and War Album. In Love and War is of course the CD Album of Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia.

The In Love and War CD has 10 tracks. It features some great collab works with the good bands of today like Hardware Syndrome, Pupil, Gloc 9 and Turbogroth, Hilera and Brigada, The Purplechickens and Radha.

Complete In Love and War Album Track List

Higante is of course the early favorite as this track have been teasingly aired since 2009. And as one commenter from my previous In Love and War blog post, it really brings goose bumps :). The 8th track Wasak Waltz is my next favorite since I love the familiar melody and cool lyrics too (reminded me of some old eheads songs 🙂 ) and definitely this one will be on the fav playlist. The Dreamdate (5th track) is a good and catchy one too. And Raven and I seems to have heard the Bus Stop (3rd track) somewhere else (don’t know if they have played it in the radio also).

The Album is a good one and I will do some follow up post here in my blog. When? Soon…

In Love and War CD Album costs 305 pesos. Grab your copy from your favorite music store… now.