WordPress Three Dot Oh!

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Last night, I got some news that WordPress 3.0 is now available. As it was already late and I’m feeling a little bit sleepy I just triggered a backup creation for my blog so that in the morning it will be ready to update.

I updated this blog to WordPress 3.0 this morning and found the new WordPress build cool. The update was smooth and the new admin console look and feel is a-OK. Some features that I’ve seen on action is the bulk update for the plugins and theme, and its like unified now and can be done on a single click. The WordPress blog also mentioned that WordPress 3.0 release is codenamed Thelonious, after Thelonious Monk, the jazz pianist and composer. Other features of the release is the merge of WordPress and MU (WordPress for Multi User), an introduction of a new default theme called Twenty Ten, adding wordpress child themes, and more than a thousand bug fixes.

For the complete feature walk-through, kindly view the video below:


To my fellow WordPress bloggers out there: Have you updated to WordPress 3.0 already? Feel free to leave some comments below.