Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Las Vegas


Viva Las Vegas!!!

Zynga is now giving some items in preparation for Mafia Wars Las Vegas launch. No, you will NOT need Mafia Wars Las Vegas passport. You will be needing Las Vegas Chips instead as this Vegas chips will be the currency for the Mafia Wars Las Vegas expansion.

Here is one of my mafia wars tips on how to get free Las Vegas chips. Just go to Free Gifts tab:

And give your friends some Racks of Chips.

These racks of chips will be helpful in getting invited to Mafia Wars Las Vegas early beta test and in turn can be converted to Mafia Wars Las Vegas currency when the expansion is available already.

And don’t forget to tell your friends to gift you back some Mafia Wars rack of chips too, and they will surely return the favor ­čÖé

Hope you liked my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips post. I will do some more blog posts on this topic if I find more Mafia Wars Las Vegas tips and updates soon.