Trend Micro Titanium and Some Other Giveaways



Update 2010.07.27
This event/giveaway is officially closed.


Update 2010.07.26

This deadline of submission of test scripts is today 7/26 (GMT+8), so this promo will end soon.

Titanium is Trend Micro’s next generation desktop security product that uses the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and it will be launched very soon. Trend Micro Titanium’s key features includes:

  • Speed and Performance – Titanium has been designed to be light on system resources and big on performance providing the optimum computing experience.
  • Automatic Protection – Titanium takes the guesswork out of protecting your system. Set it and forget it.
  • Easy Installation – Protection is just a few clicks.
  • Redesigned, Easier-to-use – Streamlined interface makes it easy to find what you need quickly.
  • Strong Protection – Leverages Trend Micro’s latest cloud computing technology plus real-time scanning to provide state of the art protection to keep you and your family safe from latest malware threats.

For Entry Level Desktops – Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ is recommended:

While Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is more suited for Mid Range desktops

For High End Desktops, Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security will be the great fit

And as the product launch is getting near, Trend Micro is giving away some freebies. Want to know more? Read on…

But before I continue, some blog disclosure first:
I am an employee of Trend Micro. This blog post is NOT a paid post by Trend Micro. The information contained in this blog post is taken from Trend Micro Beta invitation email (with permission from respective teams in Trend Micro) and I have added my personal comments and notes in this post as per my actual experience in trying out the Trend Micro Titanium product. To know more on what I do full-time kindly visit my about page. To read this blog’s disclosure policy in detail, kindly visit my disclosure page.

Now back to the Trend Micro Titanium and the freebies 🙂

I am encouraging you to try out the Trend Micro Titanium and complete the Beta 4 Test Scripts and get a chance to win an 8GB iPod Nano. Just follow the steps below:

A. Subscribe to RSS feed or email feed
B. Complete the Online Beta Test Script by doing the following instructions below
1. Click click here or go directly to
2. Under the For Home select the Beta Program you wish to participate into:

  • Titanium Maximum Security – English Beta 4
  • Titanium Internet Security – English Beta 4 or
  • Titanium – English Beta 4

If you like to try out the other languages (especially if its your native language, please feel free to install and try the features also)

3. Click I certify that I have read and agree to Trend Micro’s Pre Release Beta Test Agreement

4. Click Feedback button

5. Under Registered User Login, login using your Beta Portal username and password then click on the Sign in Button.

(Note: if you are not yet registered with Trend Micro Beta Portal, just fill up the registration and check your email for additional instructions)

6. Click the Online Beta Survey link:

  • Beta 4 Test Script Titanium Maximum Security
  • Beta 4 Test Script Titanium Internet Security
  • Beta 4 Test Script Titanium

7. Complete the Online test script (this one is web based now)

Special Note: For Titanium – English Beta 4, follow the steps in the registration email to download the installation file.

All who submitted a completed Beta 4 Test Script and helped verify if the beta issues were fixed will have a chance for a prize drawing of an 8GB iPod Nano.

The online Beta 4 Test Script will remain active until Monday, July 26, 2010. So remember: this is a limited time offer only.

The announcement of winners will be done after the Titanium product is officially released (GM).

My personal experience: I completed the test scripts in about 30 minutes (multi-tasking doing this blog post, so I guess this is easy task).

And I believe Trend Micro will give 1-year product activation keys for those who will complete the test scripts  on or before the deadline date, so even if you don’t win the iPod Nano ((let me confirm this first OK?), a free Licensed Trend Micro Titanium product is a good freebie 🙂


Update 2010.07.26

I have discussed with the beta team and confirmed that only the first 70 participants will be given the license keys. Sorry for the confusion 🙁


Other notes:
Photo Credits: Titanium Images Courtesy of Trend Micro
Prize images (iPod) shown are for reference only. Actual model and color may vary.

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