Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Las Vegas… Finally


I have unlocked Facebook Mafia Wars Las Vegas episode over the weekend:

Just like what I mentioned in my first Mafia Wars Las Vegas post, I just gifted racks of Vegas chips to my friend and they gifted back until I collected some 40+ Vegas chips and tried the VIP access.

Luckily I got in 🙂

The game suggest that you have 50+ Vegas chips so that you have 20% chance to get Mafia Wars Las Vegas VIP Access but you can always try every 21 hours for your chance.

I am continuing giving racks of chips to my friends so that they can also get in Las Vegas 🙂

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Episode look and feel is great. The graphics seems to be smoother compared to other episodes.

The Las Vegas jobs lets you specialize on energy or fighting or properties.

My initial observations is that the energy requirements is similar to New York (very minimal energy) but Vegas Chips will be scarce at the beginning (but it will improve as you build your Mafia Wars Las Vegas Casinos and doing some routine jobs).

I am still trying out Mafia Wars Las Vegas and I will update my blog when I find other interesting stuffs about this mafia wars episode.