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Last week, my friend Tonyo tweeted that there will be a #Sentisabado this September 4, 2010. At the mention of Bazooka Bubble Gum and Kaypee shoes on the following tweets, I got the hint that this will be a fun filled event in twitter.

But what is Sentisabado anyway? Dissecting the word: “Senti” is short for sentimental and sometimes we call somebody a “Senti” when he or she is reminiscing old stuff (usually childhood memories/etc). “Sabado” is Saturday in Filipino, so for me Sentisabado is about reminiscing childhood memories in twitter. Take your pick 70’s, 80’s or 90’s and tweet it away with the #sentisabado hashtag.

Fast forward to Saturday, it was a busy day for me, as I need to attend to some personal and family stuff in Pasig and in Laguna. I logged into twitter using a “borrowed” wireless connection and lo! and behold the #sentisabado fever is on.

I first tweeted about my favorite cartoon show then: Inhumanoids and Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Lights. I was surprised that it was also the favorite of Tonyo, Jyethrox, Silvakreuz and BlueBaby98

Next I remembered chewing Bazooka Bubble Gum and enjoying the little comic strip that came with it, so why not tweet right? And other tweeps have the same experience.

Marghil reminded me of the Pepsi number game and several tweeps like VSisLove confirmed that it’s the number 349 was the “magic” number way back then 🙂

Silvakreuz tweeted about WWF’s famous rivalry of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior and I replied back I needed to add Andre the Giant and the Million Dollar Man to the Royal Rumble. Marocharim added his memories of the epic feud Jeff Jarrett vs. Aldo Montoya (sorry Marck but I guess that wrestling battle happened after my eldest brother told me that WWF is scripted and then I lost track of new wrestlers and lost interest in watching wrestling matches in TV).

My Sentisabado experience will not be complete without me tweeting my favorite games. I twitted about Atari’s Pacman, Space Invaders and Galaxian, and Nintendo Family Computer’s Super Mario series, Battle City, Contra and the konami code. Surprisingly Arbet reminded me that Atari and Nintendo both distributed their games in big cartridges and Silvakreuz joined us in reminiscing how we blow (hihipan) the end of the game cartridges (the one with the pvc exposed) to make it work in case the graphics and game itself seems to be malfunctioning. And this tweets reminded me of a post which I have on my Blog Post To Do List (menardconnect gaming interest from Atari to PC)

As my “borrowed” Internet connection in Laguna encountered some technical issues already, I logged out and did not track the rest of the tweets for the sentisabado. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this #sentisabado event and I’m looking forward for the next one 🙂

I love to add other tweeps funny, witty and touching posts on #sentisabado, but I believe that will be worth another blog entry in the future.

Btw, #Sentisabado made it to top trending topics in twitter. Congrats to all who participated.

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