Google Doodle Goes Interactive Dots

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Google never fail to amaze me with their attractive Google doodle. Before there was Pacman in Google and during Independence Day of the Philippines they have special Google doodle for the Philippines like this year and last year. But today they have this:

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Google doodle above because if you play with it with your mouse (point your mouse near it) it will disperse and can go berserk like this

And then like this

And this

And after some inactivity it will slowly go back to previous simple google balls.

In short Google logo today goes interactive Google dots. Some say that there is some google logo hidden message behind these dots. It is only available in Google US site so if you cannot view it from your Google or iGoogle, try it HERE.

I hope that this interactive Google dots will be a permanent one like what they did for the Pacman in Google ( and

Did you enjoyed the google logo today too?