Google Instant and its Impact to SEO and Blogging

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Google recently launched Google Instant. They flaunt it as:

a new search enhancement that shows results as you type

in their official Google Instant page.

Now I believe I understand the connection of last week’s Google interactive dots and the gray Google doodle to this newly launched enhancement. For me, the message with the Google dots is that: user searches are now more interactive than before and will respond to your needs on a timelier manner (remember how the dots respond the mouse point and click?).

Then the Grey Google logo appears to signify that they (Google) put color and life to our searches and it’s happening in real time. I think it was a brilliant idea 🙂 and well done Google team 🙂

Going back to Google Instant, their official site gives a good graph on the main benefit

Graph/Image courtesy of Google Instant official site.

I have tried the feature in Google US site, and as a user I get what they mean by the faster searches and instant results. I remain neutral about the promise of smarter predictions concept that they promised in the site, maybe with more usage I can prove to myself that its really smarter than before.

The techie and the blogger in me raised a lot of questions (than available answers). Won’t this really affect current ranking of search results? (FYI Google mentioned on the Google Instant FAQ page that this new feature will have no impact on this area). How will this Google Instant impact SEO (yah both the good ones and black hat seo)? How can bloggers leverage this new feature? Yeah, it’s nosebleed time for a SEO-newbie like me (and this means more reading/research for me for the coming days).

Have you tried Google Instant?
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