Revisiting My Facebook Cafe World Post


My first Cafe World post turned 1 year this month. As a tribute to that post and to the cafe world series of post, I am revisiting it now and will share some highlights:

  • The original post gave more than 60,000 views 🙂
  • The post is pagerank 1
  • The original post gave way to some 12 follow up blog articles and some of the follow-up post gave me more than 10,000 page views too
  • Post has a lively share of commenters (comment count at 55)
  • With the help of my online friends this post taught me how to do post to post link exchange
  • The cafe world post series also gave me chance to experiment on other blog monetization techniques

The only lowlight is that my Menardconnect Cafe in Facebook Cafe World is inactive for some time now. After Cafe World I have tried other Facebook games and I find it really difficult to maintain a lot of Facebook games all active at the same time.

Thanks to Facebook, Zynga, Google and Yahoo (and Bing too?) for making this café world post a success. 🙂