Vote for TrendLabs Malware Blog in SC Magazine’s Best Corporate Security Blog

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I just recently learned that our TrendLabs Malware Blog was nominated in SC Magazine’s Annual Social Media Awards.

I love the TrendLabs Malware Blog and I post some articles there every now and then. This post is a shout out to my friends and readers to help me and the TrendLabs Team make our Malware Blog the top blog.

Kindly vote for TrendLabs Malware Blog for SC Magazine’s Annual Social Media Awards in Best Corporate Security Blog category.

Here’s how:
1. Kindly go to SC Magazine US Site
2. Look for the Second Annual SC Social Media Awards Voting Poll
3. Choose TrendLabs Malware Blog (Trend Micro) from the list in “best corporate security blog”

4. Click Vote

Feel free to vote for your other favorite security bloggers and security tweeps in the next 2 polls.

Voting will end on Friday Feb 11th 8PM (EST) that’s Saturday, Feb 12th 9AM (GMT+8).

Thank you in advance!!!

Good luck to TrendLabs Malware Blog!!!

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