Din Tai Fung Taipei Sogo


Today, we had dinner at Din Tai Fung Taipei Sogo. We usually go to the usual branch (the one near the Taipei San Want Hotel) but we decided to go to the other branch inside Sogo Mall in Zhongxiao East Road as it is more accessible to us. We just took the Taipei MRT and got off the busy Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.

The wait was long (around 45 minutes) but just like the previous years it was really worth it 🙂 .

Honestly, after the long wait, all of us were so hungry, so when the first set of order arrived, I just took out my phone camera and point, shoot and attack (the food of course).

We had Xiaolongbao as it is a must-have

…and some Pork Chop and Fried Rice too.

We also had the Hot and Sour soup, other dumplings, veggies, and last but not the least, Taro Mini Pao for dessert (which I will add to my personal Din Tai Fung favorite list).

Din Tai Fung dinners (in Taipei and in Hong Kong too) are always a memorable and enjoyable experience for me and my teammates.

If you want to know more about Din Tai Fung and Xialongbao, kindly read my previous Din Tai Fung post.