Chyng Reyes: Traumatic Experience as an Alleged Drug Trafficker in Bali Indonesia

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I got hold of this story via Facebook. It concerns a Filipino blogger who was suspected of transporting illegal drugs in Bali, Indonesia. As I also travel, I can relate to the pain and anxiety of the blogger. Travelling itself is stressful and adding this allegation (that they are drug mules just because they are Filipino), hmmm, I cannot find a word to express my feeling.

As an awareness campaign and a call to action, I am re-posting her story here in my blog (with some minor edits). I’ve added my personal notes and thoughts at the end of the post too.

Edit: 2011.07.14 Read original post and updates at
My Traumatic Experience as an Alleged DRUG TRAFFICKER in Bali Indonesia.

I read the story first via facebook (Thanks Jeff Zapanta) as I find her blog name cool (similar to my fave shirt, see image below)

so I am guessing that the blogger may be an IT Security dude like me too (checking more about Chyng Reyes, she seems to be an officemate from TM before. i’m sending some emails/fb messages to confirm, and will update this post. Update 2011.06.02 2PM (GMT+8), I’ve talked to some team mates and confirmed that Chyng was previously a teammate/officemate in TrendLabs)

But upon reading her complete story, I decided that this is time for action, so this blog post.

For me:
1. I will _NOT_ go/travel to Indonesia as a sign of protest.
2. I am _NOT_ advocating that we do the same to Indonesians coming to the Philippines.

Say _NO_ to Hate, let’s resolve this one the peaceful way.

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