Free WoW Calendar: August 2011 is Tauren Month


Last month I took a picture of my wall calendar at the office and posted it in Facebook. I was surprised that it drew some interest from some of my FB friends that I have not interacted for so many months 🙂 .

So I got this crazy idea that every 1st week of the month I will take a photo of the WoW Calendar and post it here at

So for August 2011 is Tauren’s time to shine in the World of Warcraft calendar

The calendar features the Tauren banner, the Tauren Kodo Mount and a panoramic view of Thunder Bluff, the Tauren Capital.

Dates to remember includes the following:

  • August 1 – Civic Day for Canada
  • August 13 – Full Moon
  • August 28 – New Moon
  • August 29 – Bank Holiday for the United Kingdom

I will try to post the other month’s photo here at soon.

Hope you like my free wow calendar post. For other World of Warcraft post kindly visit my free wow mounts and other Wow posts.