Google+ Games: Let the Google Plus Games Begin


The Internet was abuzz with Google+ Games yesterday as majority of the major news sites reported that Google+ Games is now live. I checked my Google+ console yesterday but I got the usual four Google Plus icons only: Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.

But this morning came the big surprise, the fifth icon: Google+ Games.

Here are some available Google+ Games now

I tried the famous Angry Birds from Rovio.

And the Google+ Games will ask for user’s permission to access some of your data just like the Facebook app and Facebook games. If you don’t agree then you can decline but sorry no Google Plus Games for you.

I also tried Zynga Poker as Zynga gave me my favorite Facebook games before and another google+ games request permission access page is present

It is interesting to note that if you click more info, the google+ games developer email will be shown. The request permission page also have link to google plus game developers Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

Going back to the Google+ games Angry Birds. One glaring observation that I have is that commercialization is back as a lot of angry birds merchandize and goodies are available. I guess this is where the money is (for the devs/publisher) so it will be a staple feature.

But an interesting feature for Google+ games Angry Birds is the Teamwork level.

Latest from Angry Birds: Chirp! Have you checked out the teamwork level yet? Pop pigs with your friends and pool your stars to unlock exclusive new levels!

Some sample list of Google+ Games available:
Angry Birds
Zynga Poker
Collapse! Blast
Crime City
Sudoku Puzzles
Zombie Lane
Dragons of Atlantis
City of Wonder
Diamond Dash
Bubble Island
Wild Ones
Bejeweled Blitz Beta
Monster World
Dragon Age Legends

Well I hope Google+ learns from the lessons on security and privacy of their competitor. And I pray that my google+ stream will not be flooded by google+ games notifications.

Hope you like my google plus games post.

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