Googtorola and the USD 12.5B Deal


The tech week started with a bang! Google decides to buy Motorola for USD 12.5B (40 bucks per share in cash, some 63% premium on last week’s Moto’s stock closing price). Wow! Google’s got a pile of cash 🙂 .

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Google’s Mr. Page tags that the move will supercharge Android ecosystem. Motorola’s Sanjay Jha is happy and proclaims that the deal is a great value for Motorola stockholders.

Google’s Mr. Rudin (SVP for Mobile) is quick to allay rational fears (of closing the open source Android project) and promises to continue to work with all Android partners to deliver innovative Android-powered devices.

I am not an acquisition expert but my feeling is that this is a good strategic move for Google. I’ve read dozen of stories that Motorola have some 1000+ patents that might prove to be useful for Google in the Patent Wars with the combatants like Microsoft and Apple.

I just hope that Google’s relationship with the rest of the Android community (especially Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and the other handset manufacturers) will not be affected… much.

For more details on the Googtorola deal, kindly visit and the official Google blog.

Let me end this post with a phrase I learned from a 90’s game 🙂

Googtorola, Quo Vadis?

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