On Droids and Threats


TrendLabs published some cool infographic about Android and threats. And since I mentioned in my previous post that I’d do my best to write more about Android here at menardconnect.com I am featuring that infographic here.

To commemorate the first year of the discovery of the first Android trojan, TrendLabs released a blog post on A Snapshot of Android Threats. Some great highlights includes the following:

  • 1410% increase on the number of malware samples discovered by the team from January 2011 to July 2011
  • 51.9 Million Android OS-based devices in use now
  • 33% of Facebook users access the Facebook site via their mobile devices

and a lot more.

My favorite part of the infographic is about the six :). What six? In the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I am listing the six types of Android malware according to TrendLabs:

  1. Data Stealer
  2. Premium Service Abuser
  3. Click Fraudster
  4. Malicious Downloader
  5. Spying Tools
  6. Rooter

Image Credit: blog.trendmicro.com

To know more about the Android threats and the infographic kindly visit Batangastoday.com and Trend Micro Malware Blog.

Before I end this post, some disclosure:

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Hope you like my Android blog post 🙂