Hello from Doha International Airport


I am blogging from Doha International Airport 🙂 .

This is my first time in Doha, Qatar (and my first time flying with Qatar Airways too) so this experience is worth a blog post here at menardconnect.com.

As Qatar Airways flights in Manila check in counters are located at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, I have to endure the chaos of Terminal 1. But since I arrived earlier than usual, the NAIA Terminal 1 the experience was more bearable.

Qatar Airways is great. Their Boeing 777 is spacious and the staffs are very helpful and courteous. Food is OK as I am not “maarte” naman with food when I’m traveling. I enjoy their in-flight movie channels too. No wonder they are one of the top airline companies nowadays.

Doha International Airport is great too. It’s got lot of space and is not crowded. They also offer free wifi! Woot!

They have this color code scheme that facilitates passenger and terminal transfer.

They gave me a yellow boarding pass wallet to identify that I need get off the transfer bus and go to the Transfer and Departure. They advised their passengers to keep the wallet visible upon arrival at Doha International Airport so that their ground attendant can help travelers.

There are other colors too. Purple is for Premium Transfer Terminal. Blue is for Doha Arrival and Green for Satellite Transfer.

Not so much food place though but maybe I have not scoured all the corners of this place.

Will do share more adventures here at menardconnect.com next time.