On Operation Ghost Click and Esthost Takedown


Earlier this week, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken down a bot network that infected millions of PC’s worldwide. FBI raided data centers in New York City and Chicago and the infra of more than 100 servers operating the botnet was taken offline. On the other side of the globe, Estonian police operatives arrested several Estonian nationals and charged them with operating an internet fraud ring.

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FBI has collaborated with lots of teams involved in combating cybercrime. Quoting the FBI Press Release:

In addition, the FBI and NASA-OIG received assistance from multiple domestic and international private sector partners, including Georgia Tech University, Internet Systems Consortium, Mandiant, National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, Neustar, Spamhaus, Team Cymru, Trend Micro, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and members of an ad hoc group of subject matter experts known as the DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG).”

Trend Micro hailed the takedown as Biggest Cybercriminal Takedown in History, and shared other details about of ESThost, Rove Digital, related underground business, and other technical stuff in their Malware Blog post.

Congratulations to FBI, Trend Micro and other industry partners. Special greets to Trend Micro FTR dudes, you guys rock!!!

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