Din Tai Fung 2011 Edition


I’m in Taipei, Taiwan now for some official work stuff and partly this is the reason why there were not much updates here at menardconnect.com. But enough of the excuses, I’m back and is ready to blog again!

I recall saying in my old post that

A Taipei visit will not be complete without a dinner at Din Tai Fung

So let’s make the Taipei visit complete by checking one place on the Taipei hitlist 🙂

Because we were so hungry we attacked the food without taking some pics. Here are the lucky xiaolongbao that survived M+K’s opening salvo.

Aside from the xiaolongbao, we also had the hot and sour soup, as well as some delicious kangkong veggies.

Come dessert time, we requested to our lovely host(slash-boss-chief-and-financier) that we are really excited to have our favorite dessert “Taro Mini Pao“. We did not get it correctly the first time as we were served with a bigger version of the Taro, Red Bean and Sesame seed Mini Pao

but we enjoyed it anyway 🙂

But we were really persistent (ala-APT) and we will never give up so we tried to order again and this time it was a Success!!!

Looks like xiaolongbao, but this one’s really special and it is that tasty taro sweets inside that we are carving for!

Taro Mini Pao dessert for the win!

Hope you liked my Din Tai Fung 2011 post!

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