Good #Security Move From Twitter


Twitter announced yesterday that HTTPS will be turned on by default for all users.

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Quoting the Official Twitter Blog post:

Now, HTTPS will be on by default for all users, whenever you sign in to If you prefer not use it, you can turn it off on your Account Settings page. HTTPS is one of the best ways to keep your account safe and it will only get better as we continue to improve HTTPS support on our web and mobile clients.

In my opinion this is really a good security move from Twitter as HTTPS is more secure than plain HTTP.

Yes, I understand that HTTPS is not foolproof but at least it will provide some layer of protection for web and mobile web users.

I did some comparison before and noted that Twitter and Facebook both provides HTTPS as an opt-in security option while Google+ have it as default. Not sure if this is still the case for Facebook and Google+.

Kudos to the Twitter Team for making this commendable security move!

For more details kindly visit the the Official Twitter Blog post

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