Angry Birds Space Teaser Video 2 Released


Angry Birds Space 2nd teaser video was released yesterday!

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My question on my previous Angry Birds Space post last month was answered by the second teaser video as the it confirms that the cute Bad Piggies will be part of Angry Birds Space stotyline too. The teaser video says that “In space, nobody can hear you squeal” referring to the Bad Piggies struggle of course.

The video is titled Angry Birds SpacePigs in Space and is available in youtube and Rovio Blog.

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Like what I posted last month here at, the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies are going into space orbit on March 22.

Game Dev Rovio also confirmed that the Angry Birds Space official announcement will be on March 8 and the Angry Birds Space game will be available for download on March 22.

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