New Facebook Hoax 2012: Child with Big Bloated Stomach Photo, Facebook Will Pay One Dollar Per Share

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I got another Facebook hoax for 2012 courtesy of my caring and sharing Facebook friends. The wall image

The photo of the girl/child in the new Facebook hoax has a bloated stomach, and one of the photos have a date 2010/08/28. With a promise that “Facebook will give $1 for every share to this girls family, so plz share this picture and help this girl”. Hehehe classic ?

note: images edited to protect identity of the girl

Original Text of the Facebook Hoax

PLZ read this…its very important for someone…
Its not always about being funny or making pplz laugh…we do wanna help others….so we r sharing this picture with U people….If u really care If u really wanna do something good then PLZ PLZ HELP this Girl……Facebook Will give $1 for every share it gets from this link….so PLZ if u wanna help this kid SHARE this picture and Help her…

And now, creative Facebook users have shared the Facebook hoax picture with different accompanying text.

This is another classic Sympathy and Charity Hoax similar to what I discussed in my previous post.

But this time the price of sharing has gone up (1 Dollar per share) and honestly I am worried that Facebook might run out of money soon (add *evil* laughter here).

I encourage my readers NOT TO RESHARE or REPOST this new Facebook hoax. Facebook will never give this amount of money just for sharing the photo; it will just annoy your friends and add up clutter to your wall and timeline.

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