Free WoW Mount: Spectral Wind Rider for the Horde, Spectral Gryphon for the Alliance


Do you want some FREE World of Warcraft mount? If yes then you are lucky and you should read my whole post below:

Blizzard is having another free wow mount promo. Rewards for the player will be the following free wow mounts:

  • Spectral Wind Rider for a Horde character
  • Spectral Gryphon for an Alliance Character

Blizzard is reviving the Scroll of Resurrection free mounts promo. If you have a friend (or family member) who got an inactive World of Warcraft account, bring them back to WoW and you will get the  cool rewards above.

And your returning friend will have some free cool stuffs too like:

  • One Character boost to level 80
  • Free upgrade to Wow Cataclysm
  • 7 Free days of game time
  • Free character move to your realm and faction (in case you want to play together on a realm)

In my opinion, the returning friend got the better deal, hehe!!!

Really, that Level 80 boost to a toon is really awesome and I wish I have it too 🙂

For more details on Free Wow Mount: Scroll of Resurrection promotions, kindly visit:


For more details on Free Wow Mounts:
Spectral Gryphon

Spectral Wind Rider

Hope you like my World of Warcraft post!

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