Blizzard’s Battle.Net Password: NOT Case-sensitive

Gaming Technology

I was checking my twitter feed last week and I read from Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure) feed some interesting story about Blizzard and Diablo 3 password security.

The link points to forum discussion about Diablo 3 password being not case sensitive. It was a good read and I was intrigued by the reply of the Blizzard QA. And so what would I do next? What else but to try it out too…

password1234 => OK
PASSword1234 => OK
PassWORD1234 => OK
PaSsWoRd1234 => OK

Sad but true! Yes, Blizzard’s Battle.Net passwords are NOT Case-sensitive. And after X number of years, it just that day I’ve known about it 🙂

The forum post has some interesting discussion. I’m really amazed on how the Blizzard dude replied to the issue and his/her explanation (I agree its worthy of the Post/Reply of the Year). Good #gaming and #security read too on the technical details on the combinations (and how hard to hack them), the use of the authenticator and other related stuff.

I guess this will really boil down into striking a balance between a lot of factors including security and user experience.

Read the full forum discussion

I don’t had much experience with other MMORPG/online gaming password systems, but do you know if they have the same issue too?

Feel free to share your feedback and comment below.

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