SMS Scam: This is my New Roaming Number – 2012 Edition

Personal Experiences

This is not a new sms scam. I originally posted about the similar sms spam and scam last October 2009. But I am amazed that scammers are still active so I am sharing it again as an awareness campaign to my friends and readers.

This one I got today:

Sender Number: +639065539031

Musta na kau dyan censya na ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagtxt busy plagi sa work.e2 na ang new roaming number ko d2 na kau magtxt .ingat mis u all

Rough english translation:

How are you? Sorry if I just texted you guys now, Iโ€™ve been busy with my work. This is my new roaming number so you guys should txt me here. Take Care! I miss you all!

How sweet! But sorry I don’t miss you Mr. or Ms. Scammer ๐Ÿ™‚

This one I got last week:

Sender Number: +639272816530

Kmusta n kyo jn?nwala ang roaming ko eto n gmit ko ngayon dito n kau mgtxt pkisbe n lng s lhat jn,ingat kyo plge..txt bck..

Rough english translation:

How are you? Sorry I lost my roaming phone. This is my new roaming number so please tell all our folks there that you all should text me here. Take care always! Please text back!

To the scammer/s:
Nice try! But Sorry its epic fail sms spam scam for me ๐Ÿ™‚

We know the drill, after getting your sympathy; they will ask you to send them mobile phone load (e-load) and maybe other business opportunities that will lead to a scam. Read more about it here

My advice to my friends: be paranoid. Donโ€™t talk to strangers. Let them prove who they are before giving any other personal details.
If you have similar stories to share, feel free to leave some comments below.