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Last week I participated in our company event for PH Tech Bloggers. I presented to Pinoy Tech Bloggers our company (Trend Micro) and what do we TrendLabs dudes and dudettes do for a living 🙂

Image Credit: TrendLabs/Trend Micro

My presentation is entitled “TrendLabs Tour, 1,000,000,000 threats daily, 1,000 Threat Response Specialists fighting the good fight” and I hope (and pray) that I presented it well.

Some personal insights: It’s a refreshing experience because I have not joined an end-to-end walking tour for a long long time!!!

I’m excited too (and honestly, I’m kabado rin) as this group IS Pinoy tech bloggers, and you know how I love to connect to my fellow pinoy bloggers (now you know why this blog is called even if this blog is not pure tech blog 😀

To the pinoy tech bloggers who attended the event: Thank you! It was really a pleasure meeting you all. I’ll be visiting your blog sites soon, and will connect to you via sns, twitter and/or google+ maybe. I’m really poor at matching names and faces and blogsites, but I know we will meet again in blogging events (IRL and online), and when that time comes just remind me that we met in the TrendLabs Tour and I will remember you!!!

Special greets to Miray, Macky and the rest of my team mates for a job well done. Sorry I cannot mention you all here (as I haven’t got your explicit permission yet, but I can and will edit this post  after getting your blessings).

Looking forward for the next TrendLabs blogger and social media event 🙂 **Wooot!**

Update 2012.o7.17

I created a new post with the links from pinoy tech blogger attendees. Kindly view TrendLabs PH Bloggers Tour Part 2 Post

Lastly some disclosure:
I work at Trend Micro. This blog post is NOT a paid post by Trend Micro. The information contained in this post is my personal insights on the Trend Micro/TrendLabs activity.

To know more on what I do at work, kindly visit my about page.
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