Motorist Touches MMDA Scandal

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Saw this video via twitter and youtube this evening. And since its such a long time since I last featured a scandal here at, why not add some flavor to the blog and add one? 🙂

The scandal video is about an irate motorist doing something bad to an MMDA Traffic enforcer. To the benefit of my non-Filipino readers MMDA is Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, the government agency in charge the Philippine Capital (NCR/Manila) governance and urban development. MMDA are famous in the streets of the Metro because they do traffic management and enforce road discipline.

Going back to the MMDA and Motorist video.  I do not approve the conduct of the motorist so I’m making him famous in my blog via this Motorist Touches MMDA Scandal video

Video Credits:, News5Philippines and TV5

Some personal comments: I understand that MMDA enforcers are not that famous in the road, but we have to understand, they are just doing their jobs (Trabaho lang, walang personalan!). Yes motorists can contest violation, maybe if they are high with emotion they can do some verbal toooooooot, but what I find very very wrong here is the physical contact.

Plain and Simple: No touch, No Physical Contact, No Foul. The moment the motorist made physical contact with the traffic enforcer (and mind you the video shows that the contact was a very hard physical contact) thats foul and is worth some legal action.

I will not name the motorist (view the Youtube video and other social media sites to get some juicy information about him. Yup full name, company name, address and even linkedin account, and if the account is not available because it was deleted, kindly remember that Google Cache work wonders), but I’m NOT sorry for you Mr. Motorist aka Mr. Purple Guy, because you got very lucky… Ttt…Three times:

  • First, somebody got a camera and caught you doing the dirty scandalous act against the MMDA enforcer on video
  • Second, those people who caught the video are from respectable media organization
  • Third and last, those media people are connected with the TV5 and T3 TV Show, the notorious Tulfo Brothers show!

View the full T3 segment discussing the Motorist Touches MMDA Scandal snafu (or as they would call it the Motorist Mauls MMDA Enforcer video)

 Video Credits:, News5Philippines and TV5

Read more about this incident at–motorist-mauls-mmda-enforcer

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