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The past few months, I noticed something new in the Google Search Results. On some of the search results, the name of the author is now displayed like:

Clicking the Author’s name will redirect to their Google+ profile. Wow! Neat feature!!!

I noted this first when the top results are from my pinoy blogger friends and I was really wondering how do they do that (add Authors name and Google+ Profile in Google Search Results)?
Good thing Allen Michael Gurrea  shared some simple steps on how to add Authors name and Google+ Profile in Google Search Results. I will be quoting the steps that he blogged at Silkenhut’s World with additional notes of mine at the end.

1. In your blog, create a site wide link to your Google+ profile but add the rel=author tag in your anchor parameters.

It will be like this:   <a href=”your google+ profile” ref=”author”>Your Name</a>

2. In your Google+ profile, edit your profile on the Contributor to part. Add a link to your blog there.

Allen’s third part is optional, and the google document link is not available anymore so I skipped it.

Here are my additional personal notes, and some extra steps and tip to make it more simple and easy to follow:
For the first part: that “google+ profile is the” link is the same as

Where the xxxxxxxyyyyyyyzzzz is long unique numeric identifier (21 digits in my google+profile)

Make this link a site wide link (meaning in each page of your blog it will be seen/visible).

For the part 2 Contributor part:
The Google+ profile Contributor part can be accessed by going to your Google+ profile and clicking on the profile button (see Step 1) and clicking edit profile (see Step 2)

Scroll down and click on Contributor to edit it (see Step 3)

And input a Label Text for your website and the corresponding URL of your website (see Step 4)
And of course Save changes (see Step 5)

And then wait for Google to do its magic (read: crawl, index, blah blah and other search engine wizardry to your website). Then check Google Search Results after some hours or days.

My personal experience is that I made the changes in over the weekend and today it is now reflected in Google PH Search Results. Cool!!!

Do you want to add Authors name and Google+ Profile to Google Search Results too? If yes, just try the easy steps above, and let me know if it works (via adding some comments below or saying “hi and hello” or “It works” to me via twitter, google+ or facebook)

Again, special thanks to Allen Michael Gurrea for the tips he shared 🙂

Hope you like my blogging tips post 🙂

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