Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips: 1.1.0 Updates and Level 21 Cheats


Some updates to my Free The Croods Game Cheats Saga series 🙂


The Croods Game got some update via Google Play Store before the month of May started. The Croods Game Version 1.1.0 update gives out some exciting twist to the game. The Croods animals each now have their own favorite decorations and this will boost resource build time by 5% each.


In the above Croods Game screenshot, the 3 decorations around the Fish Cat gives 5% boost each

So my The Croods Game tip for the day will be to give each of your important and critical animal homes their favorite decorations.

The Croods Game Level 20 Level up is also great as it will give Free 100 Croods crystals as a reward. But what find amazing is that Level 21 is still coming soon.



Because I want to enjoy The Croods Game I tried some experiment that I hope can result to The Croods Game Level 21 cheats 🙂 . For the last 2 weeks I tried concentrating and finishing Grug’s Forklift invention


but I am not impressed with the results.

Yes stockpiling sticks and stones completes Grug’s Forklift invention and will reward free 30,000 coins, but the wait process is very very long (Zeaver home build-wait-time is around 190+ hours and the zeaver is very slow and can only produce 3 sticks at a time). And after completing forklift invention, you will just see this message:


🙁 and all quests are coming soon:




That ends my much anticipated The Croods Game Level 21 cheats.

I hope Rovio will give some The Crood game updates soon…

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