World of Warcraft Escalation: Patch 5.3 Live This Week


Blizzard deployed WoW Patch 5.3 after server maintenance this week. Patch 5.3, dubbed as “Escalation” is a major patch and it contains a lot of new content and fixes.


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Quoting the official battle dot net website:

The battle for Pandaria is approaching a fever pitch. Her resources are plundered. Her earth is scoured. The Alliance and the Horde are at each other’s throats – but great dangers lurk within their own ranks.

While Warchief Garrosh Hellscream’s excavation squads bore deep into Pandaria’s Vale of Eternal Blossoms in search of chthonic power, Taran Zhu, lord of the Shado-Pan, grows increasingly concerned about the presence of outsiders in his homeland. Meanwhile, in search of new soldiers to shore up his war in Pandaria, King Varian Wrynn has been forced to turn to the Dark Iron Dwarf Princess Moira for aid.

The struggle for Pandaria threatens to engulf all Azeroth, and you’re at the forefront of the conflict.

I am also excited about the following wow content/lore updates:

  • Battlefield:Barrens (I won’t give spoilers but this will be the staging point for the Darkspear rebellion)
  • Cool new character title “Darkspear Revolutionary” for the Horde (sorry I have no active alliance toon to get the counterpart title “Hordebreaker”)
  • Level 85-90 XP requirements reduced by 33% in this patch. (Yo! Time to max the alts!)

I really love the Warcraft lore so I’m glad that finally Vol’jin and the Darkspears are now leading some revolt against Garrosh. I have just finished reading the Tides of War novel several weeks ago, and every time I see Garrosh in-game I make it a point to “/rude” him whichever toon I’m logged in 🙂 . I also remember doing some wow scenario last year (the one where Garrosh ordered Vol’jin killed but the troll shadow hunter mon survived) and I’m loving how this “oust Garrosh” plot is turning out.

Cant wait til my wow weekend!!!

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