Blizzard Launches The Characters of Warcraft


Blizzard highlighted major World of Warcraft characters in the website this week by launching The Characters of Warcraft. I got alerted on this via the WoW game launcher



And after some clicking around the website, I felt happy that they are featuring the great characters from the Warcraft lore. I’m an avid fan of the lore as I collect (and read) most of their World of Warcraft books. Blizz introduced the Warcraft heroes with the caption:

The heroes and villains of Warcraft stand larger than life, even in a world engulfed by constant conflict. Below, we’ve collected the personal histories and war stories of Azeroth’s paragons. Will you fight beside them, follow them…or topple them?

And then you will have Varian, Garrosh, Vol’jin, Lei Shin and others highlighted on the cover page. Clicking on the Warcraft heroes, the website will usually show 2 paragraph shorties, one describing the history of the character and the last paragraph their recent role, activities, highlights after the opening of the Mist in Pandaria. Screenshots, artworks and other links related the Warcraft lore characters are also featured in each page.



If you are not into the Warcraft lore that much, I guess this is a good introduction to the characters and heroes. But if you are a Warcraft lore geek, maybe it’s not that much new information. But overall we should be glad that Blizzard is promoting the Warcraft lore more now
You can view the The Characters of Warcraft by visiting:

So who is your favorite Characters of Warcraft?

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