Masci, Batis ng Diwa and December 7

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“We’re goin!!!”

A mascian batchmate was asking me via FB private message: Punta kayo Dec7? I forgot to reply because of so many tasks and work deadlines for this week. Upon reflecting last night, I remembered I need to reply and why not do it better via a blog post (and maybe spread it too via social media).

Yes, we are definitely going to our xxth-year reunion!!! I missed our Alma Mater’s golden anniv last October because of some personal stuff, so I’ll make up by attending tomorrow’s big event. Excited to see you guys and gals!!!

Yup, readers, subscribers, bots and internet folks, our high school class will have our xxth-year reunion tomorrow December 7, 2013, at the Manila Science High School Auditorium. Sorry for the xxth reference, I don’t want to reveal our “age bracket” here at


They say hashtag will be #masci93 so I will make sure that I tweet and FB share this blog post later (remind me Raven ok?)

Here is our batch theme song Batis ng Diwa 😀

Batis ng diwa Ginto’t dalisay
Kanlungan ng karunungan
Sa agham ay tampok na tunay
Pangalan niya’y mutya at mahal

Sikapin natin na pagyamanin
Aral niya’y ating sundin
Sa bawat sulok ng bayan natin
Kanyang bandila ay dalhin

ok my bad: it should be school hymn and not batch theme song :-p


Photo credits: Win Marcella, Nick Servino, James Arnold Gonzales

Masci93 dudes and dudettes, see you tomorrow!!!

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