On Pokemon, Google and April Fools


I love the Pokemon game! So when Google launched their Google Pokemon April Fool’s Game I wasted no time hunting pokemons over google maps in my Droid.

My first catch was a Rotom


Next was Dragonite
Google Pokemon Challenge

And my first high profile pokemon was Bulbasaur

For the first ten to twenty or so pokemons, I usually caught them near Google offices worldwide (Googleplex in Mountain View, Google offices in Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, etc).

Google Pokemon Challenge JP


Some other interesting locations: Competitor Campuses (Apple in Cupertino CA)

Google Pokemon Challenge De Anza

Google Pokemon Challenge Cupertino

In the Philippines too: Manila

Google Pokemon Challenge Manila

Google Pokemon Challenge Manila 2

Albay, Bicol, near Mayon Volcano

Google Pokemon Challenge Mayon Volcano


In Davao, near Mt. Apo


Google Pokemon Challenge Mt Apoand there are some other pokemon too in Batangas (near Taal Volcano) and Palawan.

I then focused on completing my favorite pokemon:





I’m happy for the first day!!!

Day 2: Gotta catch them all!!! 150 of them. Its a difficult task but…

Google Pokemon Challenge eevee



With the help of reddit and other basic internet sleuthing skillz

Google Pokemon Challenge last 1





One of the most enjoyable and fun-filled Google April Fools!

Thank you Google!!!


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