Thank you friends!

Personal Experiences

Thank you friends! Words are not enough to express my gratitude so why not do a blog post.

Sharing this old school video from Garfield and Friends Show…

Friends are there
to help you get started
to give you a push on your way
Friends are there
to turn you around
get your feet on the ground
for a brand new day
They’ll pick you up when you’re down
help you swallow your pride
when something inside
got to break on through
to the other side
Friends are someone you can open up to
when you fell like you’re ready to flip
When you got the world on your shoulders
friends are there to give you a tip
Friends are there when you need them
They’re even there when you don’t
For a walk in the park
For a shot in the dark
Friends are there
(Garfield) “I Don’t Care”
But Friends will care….
For you….

Again thank you my friends….

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