Free Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potion Speed Cheats and Tips


Its been a long time since I posted some gaming articles here and currently I am enjoying this new game from Niantic called Harry Potter Wizards Unite. I have stumbled upon some cool potion speed tricks and I have shared them in social media (twitter). The tips are very cool so I would like to share it here at so that it may help other Harry Potter Wizards Unite players.

First isΒ  the DAWDLE DRAUGHT speed trick

Second will be my favorite BARUFFIO’s BRAIN ELIXIR speed tip. This Baruffios brain elixir is a must have one for power-leveling πŸ™‚

Next is the EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

Here goes the STRONG EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

And now I present to you theΒ  POTENT EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

Next in line is theΒ  HEALING POTION speed tip. This potion is very helpful in Fortresses.

Here is INVIGORATION DRAUGHT speed trick

Next is the STRONG EXSTIMULO POTION speed trick

Last but not the least is the POTENT EXSTIMULO POTION cheat

I will post other #WizardsUnite tips and tricks soon so watch out for it πŸ™‚

Hope you like this gaming post here at

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