SMS SPAM: Shopee Hiring Manager Spam

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Our featured SMS SPAM for today is the (in)famous Shopee hiring manager Spam 🙂

Text message is like the ff below:

Hi, I’m a Shopee hiring
manager and I’m currently
hiring a part-time team.
Wages are paid daily. You
can work from home and
earn between 1,000 and
50,000 pesos a day. The
job is simple and can be
done anytime, anywhere.
To apply for a job, click on
the Whatsapp:
(Note: Applicants must
be at least 20 years old,
students cannot

This one is basically an iMessage spam that lures future victims by promising that they will earn big amount of money! Just contact them daw via whatsapp (using different PH based mobile numbers) to 🙂

1,000 to 50,000 pesos per day is a lot of money so this one plays the the “Greed is good” card 😀 so please be careful and don’t put your trust easily.

Sender is usually random number/name using free email (outlook, or or other other free email service provider)

For now I will tag them as SMS Spam because they are unsolicited message but I am doing some research to see if I can tag it as SMS Scam too (and maybe get some insights on where did they get our number/imessage accts)

Other sample SMS spam images are below (with whatsapp ( link

Are you getting these annoying sms spam too?

Please leave your comment below and share to us your experiences.

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