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Warcraft: The Beginning, A Movie Review

Posted on June 13, 2016  in Gaming, Personal Experiences

I need you, I need you, I need you right now
Yeah, I need you right now
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down
I think I’m losing my mind now

Don’t Let Me Down, Chainsmokers & Daya

We came prepared (yup we heeded Illidan’s warning). We donned our WoW gear and we’re off to the moviehouse on the first weekend of PH screening. If you are curious about our iLvl 6xx gears, here is a sample pic ūüôā

That's me in Only Noobs Play Alliance Chestguard, wifey in Only Noobs Play Horde Robe

That’s me in Only Noobs Play Alliance Chestguard, wifey in Only Noobs Play Horde Robe. Thanks!

Yeahhh men! We are WoW fanatics so we were really excited about the movie!

The Good
The movie, content, graphics, and all was great. I can rave and rave about the movie on this blog but the post might be terribly long. So in the tradition of my free six series let me highlight some six rave points about the movie Warcraft: The Beginning

  • The details of the orc structures (the orc upgraded buildings in the eagles eye view scene is so neat)
  • Boomsticks!!! (Cool invention from our Ironforge friends)
  • Fight gryphons fight! (see how Lothar’s gryphon fend off orcs)
  • Wolves are fiercely cool and I want one (Remember: “You’re annoying my dog“)
  • Humans and their meetings with other races (Fun! most of the time nothing is accomplished hehehe)
  • The free stuff courtesy of

The Bad
I understand that the film is set in an alternate timeline. But I will post three main personal rants about the movie:

  • Mak’gora concept was screwed (In Durotan vs Gul’dan, fel magic was used. Maybe I’m old fashioned and into the official lore too much but this Mak’gora is tainted imho. But hey maybe its only me)
  • The Garona love affair angle (Sorry I really don’t like the Miss Halforcen character in-game and so this will definitely affect how I felt about her in the film)
  • Khadgar did not age at all. Duh! (Seriously, for all the powers of Medivh and Sargeras unleashed upon him, it did do much impact on Young Trust’s appearance)

The Ugly
Not necessarily the movie’s fault. But the 3D cinema we were watching was so so.¬†FYI,¬†Blizzard partnered with one of the major malls in the Philippines and if you watch it in 3D you get some freebies in-game.


But the “good” PH partner put¬†Warcraft: The Beginning in fewer cinemas, and some cases like ours in older ones that resulted to the not so good experience. Honestly I would be happy if they put Warcraft movie in the cinemas in The Block in North Edsa but no they screened it in the older cinemas. Boo!

But enough of the ugly part. The important thing is that Warcraft the Beginning is now a reality now after some xx numbers of planning, shooting and CGI-ing.

Watch the trailer below courtesy of Blizzard and Legendary Pictures

Overall, great movie. I highly recommend the movie to all Warcraft fans and non-fans out there especially to all my readers who have played any Warcraft game in their life! Just like the Chainsmoker feat. Daya song, this movie is full of anticipation and I’m happy it did not let us down!!!

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Posted on May 26, 2014  in Personal Experiences

We watched the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie over the weekend. Good movie!!! And maybe a review post here in¬†will be a good idea for a future article. But since I don’t have the luxury of time to do a full movie review today, I will just share 2 cool videos related to X-Men Days of Future Past. The two video clips below are from the X-Men TV Series (yup! the good old original cartoon series) that was a hit in the 90’s.

So here we go…¬†“Previously on X-Men…” and the intro song‚Ķ

X-Men Days of Future Past Part 1…

Video Credits: Youtube, Marvel, and SupHero Channell

¬†I’m an avid and “senti” fan so I really cannot forget the 5:36 scene showing the tombstone of Cyclops, Rogue, Storm and Jubilee.


Image screenie via Youtube. Credits to Marvel and SupHero Channell in youtube


Here is X-Men Days of Future Past Part 2

Video Credits: Youtube, Marvel, and SupHero Channell

I will leave the spot the difference and other commentaries to other Marvel and X-Men fans out there.

Going back to the X-Men Days of Future Past movie, as per Marvel cinematic tradition this movie have the after-credits scene. So when you are watching the X-Men Days of Future Past movie, don’t leave right away, wait for the after credits scene OK?

I initially did not understand who that dude was in the after credits scene, but thanks to our in-house Marvel guru (Spiderham) he reminded me on who he was. Spiderham said his four companions was supposedly the giveaway clue.

So spoiler alert: the after credits-scene dude = Mr. A (and his 4 Henchmen). Decipher it and like/share/retweet/+1 this post in FB, twitter and google+ ok?

I hope you liked the video clips of X-Men Days of Future Past and liked this blog post too!