MyBrute Cheats and Tips Part 4: Weakling Brute List Update

A follow up post on my MyBrute Cheats series. Presenting the updated list of my Free Six Info MyBrute Cheats and Other Tips:

Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List:

3N3RGY – Lvl 11 – Kinda weak brute
MENARDKONEKT – Lvl 10 – My brute, low stats, but may spoil the list
PICCIA – Lvl 10 – warning with whip
MOONSHIELD – Lvl 10 – hehe no shield
ESTEHTAWAT – Lvl 10 – few weapons
JIXX – Lvl 9 – warning: have dog
GR33N – Lvl 8 – warning: have dog but weak overall
ASHACAP – Lvl 7 – warning: have net
STV – Lvl 7 – Weak Brute with cute Martial Art pose
4UL3 – Lvl 7 – Hopeless Brute
GIOLOL – Lvl 5 – only 6 victories? maybe his pupils are doing all the dirty work
BUSPIRONE – Lvl 5 – no weapon
JB1 – Lvl 5 – no weapon
ZENN – Lvl 5 – no weapon
NIXS – Lvl 4 – no weapon
EL CS – Lvl 4 – no weapon
NORI – Lvl 4 – have 1 weapon only
YCL – Lvl 4 – have 1 weapon only
ROARJEEK – Lvl 4 – no weapon
DILMAN – Lvl 4 – stuck in lvl 4 since May, no weapon
DUSTING – Lvl 3 – stuck in lvl 3 since May, no weapon

Thanks to Batang Cubao, Mark and the rest of the contributors to the list. If you have other weakling brutes that you have been grinding, please leave some comments here.

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MyBrute Cheats Part 2: Predict your Brute’s Future Skills, Weapons and Pets

A follow-up to my MyBrute Cheats Post. Do you want to know what weapons, skills and pets will your Brute have in the future? Then read on…

1. Go to this site hxxp://
2. Input the name of your Brute in the text box besides
3. Input the level do you want to predict
4. Press the GO button

….There you have it, your Brute’s skills, weapons and pets (if any) on your desired level 🙂

The site is mainly in French ( is the French version of and in the Spanish counterpart) but given the mybrute icons you can figure its english counterpart of the skills.

Also make sure Mybrute site is not on maintenance mode by the time you access it, since the prediction site access the site to get how your Brute looks and other brute stuffs.

So far the success rate for me is 100%. I chose some of my Brutes that is nearing their level up point and checked if the site before and after the level up and all of the prediction is true. My sources says it is 95%~98% accurate so you can try it out and comment back to me if this is helpful.

Special credits to the author of the hxxp:// site and to Spiderham (will post his Brute’s name later) and Raven