Pokemon GO Team GO Rocket Battle Text Clues, Cheats and Tips

I love playing Pokemon GO and I have not posted something about it here in menardconnect.com for a long time. In the Pokemon GO game we have this ongoing event called Team GO Rocket Battle, and I noticed that when the Team GO Rocket Grunts do their trash talk and taunt (ala Jessie and James in the anime), they give clue on what will be their pokemon so you can counter it with your pokemons

For example:

NORMAL does not mean weak means the Team Rocket Grunt will use Normal-type pokemon so it will be wise to battle with Fighting-type pokemons like Machamp and Makuhita.

Another example will be:

In “These WATERS are treacherous“, Water is the clue, so the best pokemon counter will be Electric or Grass-type pokemons.


Psychic is a giveway clue and Team Rocket dude will use psychic-type so best to battle with either Bug, Dark or Ghost pokemons.

And with:

Tangle is related to plants, vines and Grass, so this means Rocket will use Grass-type pokemon so the best counter will be Fire Pokemon.

Here are the complete Team GO Rocket Grunt Battle text taunt, what it means and how to counter them:

  • Normal doesn’t mean weak = Normal. See above
  • Dont tangle with us = Grass. See above
  • These waters are treacherous = Water. See above
  • Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power = Psychic. See above
  • ROAR … How’d that sound? = Dragon. Counter it with Ice, Fairy or Dragon
  • Coiled and ready to strike = Poison. Counter it with Ground and Psychic
  • My bird Pokemon wants to battle with you = Flying. Counter it with Electric or Rock
  • Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get = Fire. Counter it with Water (or Ground or Rock)
  • Go, my super bug Pokemon = Bug. Counter with Fire, Rock or Flying
  • You’ll be defeated into the ground = Ground. Counter with Water or Grass
  • Get ready to be shocked = Electric. Counter with Ground
  • You’re gonna be frozen in your track = Ice. Counter with Fire, Fighting or Steel
  • This buff physique isn’t just for show = Fighting. Counter with Psychic, or Flying or Fairy
  • Let’s rock and roll = Rock. Counter with Water, Grass, or Fighting
  • Wherever there is light, there is also shadow = Dark. Counter with Fairy, Fighting or Bug
  • You’re no match for my iron will = Steel. Counter with Fire or Fighting
  • Check out my cute pokemon = Fairy. Counter with Poison or Steel.
  • Ke…ke…ke…ke…ke…= Ghost. Counter with Dark or Ghost too

Note: not sure if counters above are complete, but its the best counter/s I can remember.

There are other Team Go Rocket Grount Battle trash talk text but they have no direct equivalent because they seem to change pokemons from time to time. Like these 3 below:

  • Don’t bother, I’ve already won. No cheat here
  • Winning is for winners. Again no cheat for this
  • Get ready to be defeated. No idea here

I hope my fellow Pokemon GO Players will find these Team Go Rocket Grount Battle cheats helpful. if you have other Team GO Rocket grunt text that I may have missed feel free to leave a comment below.

Hope you like my Pokemon GO Cheats and Tips post here at menardconnect.com.

Free Six: Pokemon GO Philippines


Update 2016.08.08

Pokemon Go PH is now officially released.

Philippines release was last Saturday, August 6 ,2016. Happy hunting!


When the first wave of tweets and FB posts about Pokémon GO went around, I thought it was just hype.

pokemon-go-niantics But this month after the US/ANZ release I know that it’s the real deal. So I was anticipating that in the Philippines gaming scene, it will be a gaming super-hit too. Fast forward to 2nd week of July, my telco tweeted the tweet below and my interest was at its peak


But after this #paasa tweet and hundreds of other tweets from my Pinoy friends on Pokemon Go PH release, wala pa rin. Still waiting after 10 days and as of writing nada/nil/zero 🙁

So I decided that I need to update Menardconnect.com and I will share my free six info Pokemon GO Philippines in the tradition of my free six video and other free six series.

1. Pokemon Go official updates is available at Niantic Labs Official Pokemon website. Official updates on releases are published in the link below


last 3 releases in HK, Canada and other 26 countries.


2. Check Official Apple Store and Official Google Android Store. For iOS, go to


and click open in iTunes.
Chances are it’s available in US and other Apple Stores and you need to change your store.


3. If still not available in Philippines do NOT force installation via changing store. Some of my friends have tried this trick and confirmed that developers have disabled some GPS/geo ip settings, so you won’t find any Pokémon in Philippines GPS locations.

4. Thinking about Pokemon Go Cheats and Tricks? Think again!!! The devs have learned much from their previous Geo-loc game Ingress and I am sure they will be on top of the cheats/”gaming the game” issue. So I suggest you don’t try OK?

5. For Android enthusiasts and iOS jail breakers, don’t risk with those Pokemon Go APK and ios app packages and be part of statistics. But if you can reverse engineer the file and know its detailed behavior then go ahead be my guest (and eat malware for breakfast too) 😀

6. An interesting site for the Pokemon Go Server Status that I recommend


So that completes my free six info for Pokemon GO Philippines. Will try to post soon when its finally officially released in the Philippines. Hope you enjoyed my Pokemon GO Philippines post here at menardconnect.com

Update 2016.08.08

Pokemon Go PH is now officially released.

Philippines release was last Saturday, August 6 ,2016. Happy hunting!