Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

The Swarm brought ruin to our world. Our proud people became refugees. And yet, they could not shatter our unity. For we are bound by the Khala. The sacred union of our every thought and emotion. Today we retake our homeworld. And with it, our legacy!

I really love the Protoss so when my brother told me that Blizzard released a new opening cinematic for Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void 2 weeks ago, I immediately searched for it and watch it right away.

I was really amazed!!! I love the golden armor of the Protoss, the charging of the ever reliable zealots. And I also realized that the sentinels are cute in animation. Of course most of the Protoss fanatics who watched it will be mesmerized when “the merging is complete” and Archons will shout “Power overwhelming!!!“. Bad luck for the Zerg, they let the Protoss build a pylon so this will be a warping galore for the Protoss.

I believe the cinematic is set in Aiur, and it seems the Protoss is focused to reclaim their old stronghold. I wonder why there so few zergs than usual, maybe their Queen took the Swarm to deal with the other greater enemy.

For more Legacy of the Void backstory, enjoy this video posted by Blizzard today…

I am excited with Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and I can’t wait for the November 10, 2015 launch!!!

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Blizzard Sale: World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and Diablo III on Sale

Blizzard, creator of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo game franchises is having some Thanksgiving holiday sale now!

World of Warcraft® Digital download is now USD 4.99 (75% of orig price of USD 19.99)


This download contains the 30 days of free game time and players can adventure up to level 90 (vanilla to Mist of Pandaria expansion)

StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty® Digital download and StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm expansion Digital download are now both USD 9.99 each (50% off, orig price of USD 19.99)
Diablo® III Digital download is now USD 19.99 (50% off the usual USD 39.99 price) and Reaper of Souls expansion is now USD 19.99.

If you are a WoW, SC2 or D3 gamer this is definitely a good deal so grab one now as this may last until December 2, 2014 only!!!

Power Overwhelming: Starcraft 2 Release on July 27, 2010

Update 2010.07.27

Nuclear Launch Detected!!!


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Its final: Starcraft II will be released on July 27, 2010. Blizzard announced that Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty will simultaneously hit the stores in North America (United States, Canada) Europe, Asia and the Pacific (South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) on that same day.

Some new Starcraft 2 video courtesy of Yahoo Video

Starcraft 2: Unexpected Encounter @ Yahoo! Video

The games is available in two packages: A USD60 retail boxed copy and a USD100 collectors box copy which comes with an art book, a soundtrack and an exclusive in game pet for WoW (World of Warcraft) and some other cool Blizzard stuffs.

We will be seeing once again the Terrans battle it out with the Zergs and Protoss and for me this is really exciting since the game developers have been giving out some teasers for more than a year already.

The game time-line is set four years after the Starcraft: Brood War campaign ended and fans will be seeing familiar characters like Raynor, Zeratul, Kerrigan, Mengsk and many more.

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