Quezon Del Sur Update


Still YES for Quezon Del Sur for me. As discussed in my previous post I menardconnected and interviewed more people to get fresh, up-to-date and insider information on this topic.

Facts first: The plebiscite on Saturday, December 13, 2008 will push thru, as confirmed by Ka Erin’s comment on his blog. But since the SC have given a temporary restraining order (TRO) so the results will not be proclaimed.

And now my analysis and my opinion. First for the Anti or the NO supporters. For the incumbent governor and previous author of the bill, its understandable that he will oppose the move. Why? Power, influence and resources will be divided into two and he will just get half of the pie (forget about the IRA and other discussions of the financials/technicalities of this resource, think of it as simple math ok?). I will blog it in Filipino to express my views more eloquently: Sino ba namang Hari ang papayag na mahati ang kaharian nya??? Tapos yung magiging hari sa Quezon Del Sur eh galing sa kabilang kampo? The answer to my 1 million peso question: Why do some politician(s) (especially from the 4th district) aggressively supports the NO move? The answer is simple, they are allied with the incumbent governor. Allies help one another. Even in Computer Games and MMORPG they do that. For the Alliance!!!

For the Pro or the YES proponents. Aside from the points raised in my previous post (accessibility, better management, equal distribution of resources for the south) here are some additional tidbits I have: The people of the 3rd and 4th district (as well as its leadership/ruling clans) will be the beneficiary. For the People! Period. Honestly, I haven’t got inputs from the folks from the 1st and 2nd districts, but I heard that one party have taken a neutral stance, while another party seems to be nurturing a NO vote, but since they are traditionally not aligned (in filipino, “tradisyonal na kalaban sa pulitika”) with the incumbent governor they opted to keep a low profile on this issue.

But here’s the catch: If this is really GOOD for the 3rd and 4th district, bakit matunog pa rin ang NO sa mga taga timog Quezon? Well… this will boil down to… surprise?…traditional politics. Yes. Its seems this is a battle of the Gov and his allies versus the kingpins of the South. Here are some examples of the arguments from the common tao (on why they are inclined to vote for NO):

1. Si Gov meron 100 scholars sa XXX university, pag nahati na quezon pano na yung mga scholars???

2. Pano na yung pramis ni Gov na YYY Million project sa ZZZ town/barrio? pag nahati na quezon wala na yun di ba???

Its sad that the big issues are overlooked by this kind of traditional politics. In the end, its seems that the Del Sur people will be on the losing side of the battle in the event of either a YES or NO victory. Why?
1. If YES wins, promised projects/benefits will _NOT_ be given.
2. If NO wins, promised projects/benefits will be given. But do you think the current incumbent governor will be more “mapagbigay” to the south? I don’t think so.

So my take here. Still YES for me. YES to Quezon Del Sur. Laban na lang kung laban. Sabi ko na lang nga e pag lumaban ka me 50% chances ka manalo (yung other 50% talo ka). Kapag nde ka lumaban, talo ka na 100% sigurado yun.

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