Bowl of Fruits for New Year

Personal Experiences

I hijacked an internet wireless signal in Laguna (and did some countermeasures so that my online experience will still be safe 🙂 ). As I was surfing the net at the garage-converted sala, this sweet smell of unknown fruit keeps on bugging me so I decided to blog about it.

For New year

For New year

Its a Filipino tradition to have round fruits at the dining table for the New Year‘s Eve salu-salo. The old folks suggests that it should be round (I bet this is related to the superstition of wearing polka dots during new year will bring more good fortune, analogy is round = coins = money) and it should be twelve so that the blessings and good fortune will last the whole year (12 = months in one year).

For this year, we have apple, chesa, chico, grapes, guava-apple
honeydew, kiat kiat, king mandarin, kiwi, longan, makopa, green mango, melon, orange, pakwan, papaya, chinese pear, japanese pear,
pineapple, ponkan and strawberry.

Fruit Bowl

The Regulars
Guava apple, pinya, ponkan, kiat-kiat, green mango are regular items in our household table. Melon and pakwan come more often in the summer months. Makopa is quite unique, its been years since I last tried one (poor city boy me 🙁 )

The Specials
Apples, oranges and grapes come in when we have extra budget for the groceries. Kiwi, strawberry and honeydew are extra-special fruities reserved for special occasions like this one.

The Newbies
Its the first time I heard of the fruit “longan”. Nanay and Raven said its like lanzones/rambutan so I’ll try one later tonight. I also learned that pears have their own nationalities: the usual one I’m familiar is the chinese pear (its common item in the fruit section of the supermarket), its Japanese cousin is a leaner version. King Mandarin is like dalanghita, but bigger and has thicker skin (I think).

The Haters
I wonder why we have papaya (maybe just to complete the 12). I usually don’t like papaya (unless I’m constipated and need to pooh badly). Same feeling for the chesa. But chesa brings back memories of my childhood summers spent in my beloved Quezon Del Sur (this one is worth another blog entry in the future).

The Culprit
…for sweet fruit smell? Hehe I really don’t know. I think its the honeydew, but Raven argues its not the honeydew. I asked my bro and sis to smell the fruit bowl and they cant decide which one among the pakwan, chico or guava. Oh well this post is almost complete so I’ll leave the smell as it is… a sweet fruit.

Counting the fruits its more than the usual twelve kinds, its 21 so I’m expecting not just my 13th and 14th month pay next year, but up to 21st-month 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!!!