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Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, and Ruffa Mae Quinto

Posted on May 21, 2009  in Blog Experiences

Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili Scandal. Add Maricar Reyes. And rumor has it that we can also add Ruffa Mae Quinto. It’s the buzz words in the pinoy blogging community now.

And if you are looking on where to download these scandal videos:

SORRY you went to the WRONG website. Menardconnect will NOT post any of the inappropriate videos above.

In the tradition of my Free Six Video I am posting my six personal comments on this scandalous issue:

  1. I admire Katrina Halili’s bravery in facing the problem. I saw her on the news last night and I’m sad because of this scandal. I support her on her decision (to seek justice) and I wish her all the best on her quest for justice.
  2. Hayden Kho. You are an @#@$$5. I usually don’t say bad words in my blog, but really you are one sick doctor. And please, don’t use the name of God/Creator/Lord in vain (You have been denying all these stupidities that you yourself created). And one last word. Karma. Nuff said.
  3. Maricar Reyes, the girl in the Modess Commercial (the girl with the fairy wand for the little sister) and in ABS-CBN’s Betty La Fea show. If she is indeed the girl in the other video you are another victim. I hope you also come out in the open like Katrina.
  4. Rumor has it that Ruffa Mae Quinto also have her share of scandalous video with Hayden. We hope this is not true. Else…
  5. There is another rumor that Dra. Vicki Belo also has her share of scandalous video with Hayden. For the record, I am not interested to see the video 🙂 . But I know Dra. Vicki Belo has a lotsa lots of money (not from Philippine Lotto but from their Medical Group of businesses) and therefore the price of that video clip will really rise in the black market (dibidi dibidi anyone?)
  6. And to all the politicians: It’s “Sawsaw time” galore now!!! Sawsaw is a Filipino word for dip (as in dipping your food to the sauce, “sawsaw suka in the childhood game remember?”). And politicians love to “sawsaw” on any controversial issue so that they have visibility to the public. I know some politicians are really sincere to help the victims, but I know for a fact that there are lots of politicians out there who just love to make “sawsaw” to the issue to gain media exposure. I wonder why. But I guess its 2009 now and next year is 2010 (go figure).

Each of us is entitled to our own personal opinion. What’s yours? Kindly leave your comments here.

Update on 05.22.2009
I’m closing the comment section.

Update on 05.29.2009
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Update on 06.06.2009
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0 thoughts on “Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, and Ruffa Mae Quinto”

  1. ‘nard, somebody forwarded me the video but i did not watch it. (at that time, i did not know what it is about and i am not really interested with pornography, thinking it was just one of those, not that i have moral issues with those). when i finally got wind of it, through the evening news, thankfully not through the commentaries of the kumags and ignorant, (i hope you do not find those “bad words”) i’m glad i did not waste time with the video. i’m glad i did not give that pathetic excuse for a human being the satisfaction and i do not want to give the topic any value. the one who forwarded me the video, a female, called me KJ for purging it. i told her if it was her, she would not want anybody to watch it. oh, but she has excuses for people to watch it. i can’t win with this world anyway so i’ll just send out an appeal to sanity, to the very few who are still surviving: do not watch the video and purge any copy you find. talking about it gives the topic novelty. talking about it satisfies the need for attention of that a**hole.