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Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 7: Free Farm Town Level Up

Posted on November 22, 2009  in Gaming

Here is one of the coolest Facebook Farm Town cheats today and all of you have to do is login to your Facebook account and open your Farm Town app and voila: Instant level up of your farmer. My farmer was previous level 30 but after applying the cheat I’m now level 34. My wife was level 32 before and now she leveled up to 39.

OK this is not a cheat. Farm Town is doing some readjustments to the leveling system.
Farm Town Free Level Up

The highest new level of my friend is 45. Cool huh?

They also announced this Facebook:

FarmTown Updates: New LEVELS Available! New crops, trees, bushes, fences, buildings, decorations and more. Click here to Play FarmTown

I haven’t checked all updates yet, but new crops and trees are worth posting here at in the future.

So check out your Farm Town account and grab this opportunity to have free level up for Farm Town.
Hope you like my Farm Town Tips post

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0 thoughts on “Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 7: Free Farm Town Level Up”

  1. I am glad Farmtown finally added new items but I on the other hand am not happy they messed with the lvls. I was on lvl 33 and was almost to lvl 34 to get the mansion and when they changed everything.. they bumped me to lvl 39 and now I have to wait until 41 to get the mansion. What a rip off! I almost deleted my farm because I worked my butt off to get to 34 and now I have to do extra to get to 41. This is not fair at all!! I would rather have my lvl back and get my mansion on 34. Also, will FT be giving us more upgrades? That would be awesome.

    1. @ ~Christy~
      You are not alone.
      That Mansion-change level requirement is also the same problem of many my other friends. They are also level 33 before and nearing to level 34, but after the level re-adjustment, they cannot buy the mansion yet they need to level up two more levels. really irritating 🙁