Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: 30% Discount on Reward Points


Last weekend while doing my usual mafia wars jobs routine, there was some pop-up reminder that Mafia Wars folks are offering some limited time Reward Points discount.

Mafia Wars 30% Discount

I thought its just some one time promotional activity but during the next couple of days the reminders went up again. I curiously check on if this mafia wars tip is true and Yes! it seems that folks from Zynga are really offering a limited time 30% discount on all Reward Point purchases from Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.

Going to the Godfather’s tab you will be welcomed with the message

The Godfather feels generous – purchase reward points below at a 30% discount!

Checking out the prices it seems its 30% less for all Reward Points denominations and this is a cool treat and tip for rich Mafia Wars players.

Mafia Wars 30-percent-discount

Hurry and avail of it now since this is limited time offer!!!

Hope you like my mafia wars cheats and tips post 🙂

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