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Free Six Info: Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips

Posted on August 31, 2009  in Gaming

Update 09.07.2009
I have posted new mafia wars tips on

Searching for some Mafia Wars Cheats or Tips? Then you are on the right site.

My high school buddies are asking me why I don’t write about Mafia Wars Cheats just like what I do with Farm Town Cheats. I told them that I will create one in due time. I remember this Mafia Wars game app in Facebook several months ago. Many of my friends liked it and invited me in, but since I am not a Facebook addict (yet) I just ignored their app request. But now that I’m enjoying the game I will be sharing my findings. In the tradition of my free six video, my six mybrute cheats and tips posts, my six cafe world cheats, my six fishville cheats and my six farm town cheats, I am sharing some Free Six Info on Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips.

#1. First, you should have a Facebook Account. Why? Because Mafia Wars is a application/game in Facebook. If you still do not have a Facebook account because you are living in an isolated world, try grabbing one: go to and register for a free account.

#2. Mafia Wars is a product of Zynga. Zynga is the same company behind the other great games in Facebook like FarmVille, Texas Hold ’em Poker, YoVille, Vampire Wars and Fashion Wars.

#3. My next tip is to get into the game and gain experience points to level up. Doing a Job or fighting other Mafiosi can give you experience points. If you plan of doing some jobs, you will need energy while fighting other mafia players will require stamina. If you have some money already I suggest buying some properties later in the game.

#4. Next tip will be to use up skill points as soon as you have received them. Skill points are awarded whenever you level up, mastered a job or mastered a job tier (e.g. Street Thug Job Tier). These skill points are very useful in the game. If you are not decided on where to put you skill points, my suggestion is to put it in energy, so that you can perform more jobs.

5. “Ask and you shall receive!” This saying is very true in Mafia Wars. If you need help on finishing a job or need some items, loots, ask your friends and post it in your Facebook wall. Mafia Wars is a social game and I know if some of your Facebook friends are into Mafia Wars they will gladly help you since they the two of you earn both some money and experience by helping each other.

#6. And to complete the free six: last but not the least: DO NOT CHEAT! Why? Like what I advised on my MyBrute Cheats post and my Farm Town Cheats post: Cheaters never win! Hey guys and gals Mafia Wars is a social game, and there is really no need to cheat. Also beware of the executable programs that supposedly will do some cheat and tricks for you and your Mafia. Many sites are offering these kinds of tools and engines, but unless you know what you are doing (read: can reverse-engineer an executable file and know exactly what it is doing your PC or Mac (file, system, registry level) then don’t try to run it on your machine. There are a lot of malware, keyloggers, and Trojan downloaders out there that is just waiting to trick and fool you. Better safe than sorry!

I will be doing another post when I have new tips for Mafia Wars!

Hope you like my Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips post.

Enjoy the game!

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    1. @unknown
      No tips yet for the mafia wars lottery yet. But you have given me great idea on a future blog post so I will compute for the chances of winning in the Mafia Wars Lottery soon.
      If you are interested on lottery you can visit my Philippine Lotto post.

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  12. Well I’m just sharing but usually I don’t rely on my luck too much in lottery to obtain those unimaginable amount of Reward Points nor the lottery collection.
    Instead usually I play my ticket till I got 6 of them and then I collect the ticket mastery to obtain reward points ranging from 1-5.
    It prove to be quite useful to me because every month I could net 4-20 reward points.
    Well for players like me who doesn’t have extra $ to spend on reward points this prove to be a effective way to obtain reward points.

    1. @Kevin
      Thanks for sharing your comment! Actually we have the same technique, and I currently have an pending blog post discussing this same mafia wars lottery idea. Try to visit this blog again since I will be posting it soon.

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  14. @Kevin

    I dunno if it’s just me, but if I don’t claim the reward immediately for submitting a ticket and wait ’til I get six, the next time I play, it’s gone. I mean, it’s back to 0 of 6.

    Do any of you guys experience the same thing?

    1. @jp
      my tips to win against bigger mafia is too expand your mafia family to max 500(?) or more. my observation is that its really numbers game when it comes to mafia fights.