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Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips Part 5: Bangkok

Posted on December 10, 2009  in Gaming

Brace yourself for the newest expansion for Mafia Wars!!! Zynga today released some teasers for the upcoming Mafia Wars Bangkok Expansion. The Travel Tab now have the Bangkok destination


and clicking it will lead you to the teaser page


The developers are now encouraging you to collect the following items


in the New York City’s Soldier, Hitman and Enforcer Tier. To know if the jobs will be yielding out the items, look for the elephant icon


The final item to collect to travel to Mafia Wars Bangkok will be the Thai Passport, which will be available during the launch date.


Mafia Wars Bangkok will also have some factions. Quoting the game site

For decades, the Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads have battled for control over the lucrative criminal markets of Thailand. As a newcomer, you’ll need to choose a side to succeed in Bangkok. This isn’t a one-way relationship, though – as you increase your standing with your chosen faction, you’ll also earn access to additional items to fill out your arsenal.


Exciting!!! So which faction will you choose?

Hope you like my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips post for the upcoming Bangkok Expansion

Update 01.23.2010

I heard that Mafia Wars Bangkok Passport is available to some Mafia players already. Read my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Passport post

Update 01.27.2010
I finally got my mafia wars bangkok passport. Kindly visit my
Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Finally Got my Bangkok Passport post

Update 01.30.2010
Mafia Wars Bangkok is now open. Kindly visit my
Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Now Open article

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0 thoughts on “Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips Part 5: Bangkok”

    1. @glen
      thanks for the visit. I’ve got no idea on date of release, but I believe its near already. I will update this post when I got confirmed date of release.

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  2. I Think It’s December 25 or January 1. Bac When It Was Still Called Asia, It Said It Was Coming Holidays 2009. Well, Just A Theory, You Know.

    1. @Shafir
      Thanks for the visit. Yeah, its already January and Bangkok is still not out.
      Maybe Zynga will release it after the Last Score of 2009 event, so we have around 2 days to go.

  3. still not out last score of 09 done whats up with that i mean they said holiday 09 buit now its 2010 after last score of 09 and whats up with zynga.

  4. MY guess is Chinese new year which comes at around early to mid-February. It surely fits with both the Asian theme, and still technically the “holidays”

  5. why is it that some poeple got passports and most doesnt have… and even so it says that they will be open on launch date but others are already started…

    1. @sly
      Thanks for the visit and the comment.
      I also have that question and that is why I wrote the other post about mafia wars bangkok passport.
      Outside of the “beta group” all should start on the launch date, but I got unconfirmed reports that other lucky people have bangkok passports and they can also give away 3 passports to the Mafia family.

  6. I have bangkok passport. if someone needs it. please trade with me. I have five extra passports in MW FaceBook. my facebook email is sklodhi at the rate of gmail dot com

  7. @Saif Khan
    add me pls saif khan i need of bangkok passport… (marco matarrese of facebook in the picture there are stamps with me and my girlfriend) thanks