Pigs Are Awesome, Birds Stink!


Yes! Bad Piggies are awesome! Angry Birds stink!!!

I really love the Bad Piggies! When we won the Rovio PlushiePals contest I inquired I can choose this one

Image Credits: shop.angrybirds.com

but Rovio folks said that the plush toy prize should be one of the angry birds space plushies 🙂

But I still want to support the Bad Piggies in their (world and space domination) campaign, so a good way to show my appreciation for them will be publishing their official Press Release here at menardconnect.com

King Pig Office
Piggy Island

Press Release

Today-Piggy island

We haz Facebook and twitter

Y u no like?

We has new <nose mark here>

Gotta go

Moar later

K thanx bye

About Pigs
Pigs are awesome, Birds stink! OINK OINK! 4 more info check out facebook.com/badpiggies

Image Credits: www.rovio.com

Yup! You heard it right! Bad Piggies are awesome! Angry Birds stink!

Bad Piggies FTW!!!

I’m also following them at twitter and facebook. If you’re a Bad Piggies true fan you should follow them too!

For more details kindly visit them at www.rovio.com 🙂

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